Friday, September 30, 2011

the hardest part about the mini game is to put it on the blogger and hot put it to either and alll the steps.but THE BEST PART ABOUT is when Ur done u can feel relief that u finished and that u can do but its good.and the worst part about it when u have to but it on the wiki and put the steps on your flash and all that cause its the worst going back and forth to put all the steps.

Monday, September 12, 2011

middle eastern

the movie we watched is about the middle Easter and it was about a kid that loose his sister shoes and soo he hard to get her some new shoes and soo every day he lends his shoes to her soo she can go to school with shoes soo she has to run back and soo some times he is always late to school but one day he went to this school and they had a race and he was in it and who ever made It to third place would get some sneakers and he won 1st place soo he did not get the shoes but the dad got her shoes soo he was int sad cause he mad 1st place and his dad got is shoe for her. and there family was very poor and the kids wore the same clothes every day and there parents had noo food and yea.